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About Edukey

Edukey Gender support Organisation (EDGSO) is a registered charity organization centered on extending education to young people, founded by a group of people with a plight and passion for vulnerable children. Edukey Gender Support Organization works with Edukey for Kids, Holland. We started from Africa with the aim to reach every part of the world. EDGSO  is also registered by the National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organisations under Registration number 3173, also permitted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to operate in Uganda under NGO Permit number 972

Edukey for Kids is a registered charity organization in Holland under number KvK - 61956112 providing support to education, skills development to vulnerable children and youth and women in the rural slum communities in Uganda.

Edukey's primary goal is to foster a commitment to young people that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Only through personal and group support will a sense of individual responsibility be reestablished that will give young people the commitment to follow through on path to adulthood with a sense of development and self reliance.​ VIEW MORE

Our head offices are strategically located amidst a good number of our beneficiaries in Massajja Gangu (Busaabala Road), a sub urban region in Wakiso District, Kampala Uganda - East Africa.

Our Mission

To empower people in communities
with skills, knowledge and
information for development
and self reliance.

Our Vision

An empowered and
self reliant community with
Knowledgeable, informed
and skilled people.

The Beneficiaries

* Orphans and Vulnerable             Children

* Under privileged Youth

* Single Mothers and needy           women

Wider Community

Core Values

* Empowerment &                             Participation

* Team Work

* Accountability &                               Transparency

* Integrity

* Non Discrimination

* Inclusiveness & Diversity

We believe one can only become that which they have been 

given an opportunity to become!


The organization supports vulnerable children and youth who cannot support themselves to attend school so to acquire knowledge just like other children in the communities. Such kind of children includes those in child labor, fishing communities, from the streets, abandoned by their parents, disabled and those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. The supported children and youth are identified by the local leaders with whom the organization works in partnership in the promotion of the rights and skills development. The women are also supported by the organization by empowering them with information and skills development for their self reliance.

The organization in a special way address issues of girl child who is the most vulnerable person who thought of lastly compared to her counterpart the boy out. The tradition culture practiced in the country makes the child most vulnerable. The girls are those who are considered last to be taken to school especially when the parent has little funds; it is the girls who look after their young ones whenever the mother gets any problem. They care for the sick ones in hospitals and even homes. EDGSO is sensitizing the community to appreciate the importance of the girl child as her counterpart the boy to have equal consideration in education.  Girl child is being supported with funds to attend school to break the vulnerability.

Most of the supported children and youth are from vulnerable families that cannot afford to look after them given their merger incomes. Additionally the African culture of having many children with meager incomes makes them not to afford supporting them for education and other essential needs. The children are also trained in Gymnastic and Acrobatics.


Your Generosity and partnership counts a lot!Stand with us to make this world a better place for someone!

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