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Dear reader the document before you is an annual eport for Edukey Gender support organization – Gangu – Wakiso District and Edukey Community School – Mangaliba, Mukono district - Uganda for the year ended 2023. We would like to share with you the progress, achievements and challenges registered by Edukey. We kindly request you to make your observation (s) and advise for the betterment of our education service provided to the beneficiaries. We appeal to you to share this document to your friends and interest them to become friends, supporters, advisors, volunteer, partners and promoters of Edukey and Edukey Gender Support Organisation.


We have opportunities for interested and willing students from universities and colleges to do their internship, research and touring of Uganda. There are volunteer opportunities to those who can offer their time to share their skills, knowledge and experiences in any development areas that empowers humanity with employable and gainful skills for the self-reliance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this report. 

Dear management, staff, supporters, well-wishers, promoters, ministry of education and sports, local and religious leaders. I greet you all on behalf of Edukey Gender Support Organization and Edukey. This report is an accountability for what transpired during the year including the achievements registered and challenges encountered by the school management and staff. The year 2023 was a turning point to the school for it registered a number of achievements and changes in the growth and development of the school.

The school registered the following:
A:  By the end of the year the school closed with a total number of 76 pupils. The school is from baby class to primary four. I am grateful to all staff and administration who managed to make this happen.
B: The administration managed to pay for all the teachers their remunerations through the year promptly. 
C: The school acquired a two-acre land for the expansion of the school.
D: Commencement of a four-class roomed block was started.
E: Managed to hold a graduation of 14 pupils from Top class to primary one
F: Meetings between parents, teachers and management were conducted successfully

Edukey Gender Support Organization a non – profit charity supporting vulnerable children registered a number of achievements from the activities implemented during 2023.
1: A total of 93 children and youth were trained in computer literacy by the end of the year. 
2: 67 single mothers and school dropout youth benefited from the tailoring training. 
3: By the end of the year 52 single mothers and school dropout were trained in hair dressing.
4: A total of 47 young people were trained in music dance and drama.

I would like to thank all those parents who played their roles in supporting their children to attend and retained in school throughout the year. 

Mr. Muganda F. Peter Chairman – Chief Executive Director – Vision Bearer Edukey Community School, Edukey for Kids & Edukey Gender support organization.

Who are we:  Edukey Gender Support Organization - Gangu- Wakiso District [EDGSO] is a non-profit young people and women centered organization founded by a group of people with a plight and passion for vulnerable children, unprivileged youth and women. The organization was initiated with the main aim of supporting families to improve on their standards of living by equipping them with knowledge, skills, information and income generating activities for development and selfreliance.

EDGSO works with Edukey for Kids, a registered charity organization in Holland [KvK -61956112] OUR VISION Empowered people with knowledge, skills and information for development and self-reliance in the community.

Our mission: To empower people in communities with skills, knowledge and information for development and self-reliance.

1. To promote the rights and obligation of children, youth and woman by giving them full access to knowledge and information to fully participate in the development issues of their families and the community.
2. To raise awareness and information about children, women and youth development in regards with equal access to opportunities and participation in the community affairs.
3. To support women and youth by building their capacity in entrepreneurship and income generating activities to support their families.
4. To promote health education and adolescent sexual reproductive health, prevention of HIV transmission and treatment adherence among people in the community.

The organization beneficiaries are: - Orphans and vulnerable children, Under privileged youth, Single mothers and needy women and Elderly people in communities.

Programs: EDGSO programs are: - Education and sponsorships, Skills Development and Talent Identification, Family Economic Empowerment and Environmental Protection Promotion 

Computer Literacy training: Since Computer literacy has become necessary and important in these modern times, Edukey found it essential to the generation of today to acquire computer literacy skills in order for them to fit in the world of technology. Edukey empowers members with skills therefore in 2023 a total of 93 school going young people and 45 youth were trained in computer literacy. For the youth the skills gained is helping them to apply in their places of work and their own use in business. For the school going children it’s for examination purpose for now.

Music dance and drama training: Among the skills being promoted by Edukey is music dance and drama. They are very important because it’s a source of employment and a therapy. Realizing its importance to young people, Edukey had to start trainings. Music dance and drama is a tool for sensitization and education on contemporary issues affecting human being in the community therefore having a trained group is important to the organization. Trainings were conducted during the year ending and 47 children were trained.

Tailoring and design: Unemployment among youth is among the issues affecting the development of communities and countries worldwide. Most of the youth are being trained for white collar jobs and yet there few jobs for them. Edukey realized that there is need to train youth in hands on skills. Among the hands-on skills thought of was the tailoring and hair dressing. The objective is to empower youth with hands on employable and gainful skills for development and selfreliance. By the end of the year 67 single mothers and school drop outs had acquired the skills in tailoring and design

Hair dressing: Community members who did not have an opportunity to get hands on skills are being empowered with such skills that can help them to become self-employed and earn something for their living. Hair dressing training is conducted at Edukey centre among women and girls who dropped out of school. This skill is helping many women to earn a living and support their families with essential domestic needs. The year ending a total number of 52 community members have benefited in the skills training.

School programs: Education is vital for helping children develop healthily to become productive members of society. One of the major objectives of Edukey community school is to offer education and sponsorship for vulnerable children in the community. The community school supports children to acquire knowledge, skills and information. Edukey education program facilitates the vulnerable beneficiaries with tuition, scholastic materials, school requirements and monitoring to assess their performance and progress. The teachers offered their services to the children. The year ending was challenged with sickness, poverty, rainfall and some parent’s failure to play their roles and obligations. Regardless of the mentioned challenges, the staff continued to play their roles and the administration to offer its services and obligations. A total of 76 pupils attended school and completed and promoted to the next class.

Learning in class








Computer Literacy training: World over Computers literacy has become important everywhere and by everyone in this modern world hence the need for the young generation to be taught and learn at an early stage so that they are not left behind. Computer literacy training lessons were introduced at the school to help the pupils learn and become computer literate. Pupils from primary one to four were taken through the basics of computers and by the end of the year pupils had learnt something and they could type some words. Pupils by the end of the year had learnt about a computer, components of computer, its importance and to type a few words. Challenges Computer literacy training at the school is being challenged with a number limitations which are like to hinder the proper training and realization of the intended objectives. The limitations of computer training at Edukey community school are: -

1. Limited computers for training
2. Lack of electricity at school

Graduation: As per the Uganda education system children start studies from baby class to top then join Primary one. From top class going to primary pupils’ graduate and a graduation ceremony is hold. Edukey community school also hold its graduation with 14 pupils graduating from top to primary one.

Meetings: (Parents, Directors and Staff) For the smooth running and managing of the school like any other business, meetings are very important because they help in informing and checking on the progress of the business and make proposal planning as well rectifying what may not be going well. Parents, teachers and director’s meetings were hold at the school monthly to share, direct, appreciate, receive progress reports and challenges being encountered and address them soon than later so to provide good service to the beneficiaries.  The meetings helped and facilitated in the smooth running of the school up to the end of the year 2023.

Land procurement. Edukey Community school was blessed to have got a piece of land for school construction. Given the increasing number of pupils and having limited classes, there was a need for expansion of the classes hence procuring of a piece land to construct more classes. Mr. Peter Muganda the vision bearer mobilized resources and procured land for school expansion. Much appreciation to all those who contributed to the cause of the school expansion.

Construction. Construction of a four-block classroom was started in 2023 to address the challenge of the growing number of pupils and limited classroom space. Great thanks to all those that have contributed to the construction of a block classrooms at Edukey Community school Mangaliba- Mukono district. Management and administration are here requesting people with good heart to support the construction of a complete school with eight classrooms as seen in the architectural structural plan below.

Construction in advancement Mr. Muganda F. Peter the Chairman Edukey at Edukey community school - Mangaliba construction site inspecting the progress of the construction process to ascertain strength of the building and how the civil engineer is working and value for money.

Appreciation to supporters: On behalf of the director Peter F. Muganda, the foundation 'Edukey for Kids 'in the Netherlands, the management and staff would like to express their appreciation to all those who supported Edukey Community school with the registered achievement of the year including land, construction, remunerations of the teachers and running of the school activities. Great appreciation goes to Mr. Muganda Peter the vision and Chief Executive Director for his tireless effort of resource mobilization. The directors of the school are also acknowledged for their directions, guidance and continuous monitoring of the performance and advancement of the school. We would like to recognize all those who walked with us, advised, visited, prayed and supported financially. Edukey and Gender Support Organization were able to implement their activities in the year 2023. Your support in any way greatly contributed to the achievements registered highlighted. Recognitions go to the individual persons, companies and Institutions below: -
1. Ranae and Gary
2. Br. J Spronk
3. Pastor Ravi Chandran of ICC Denmark
4. Sisters and Brothers of Evangelische

5. Gemeente de Ark Amerstfoort

6. Stichting Joseph Foundation Holland

7. Werner op’t Land

8. Crux Engineering BV

Appeal: The directors hereby appeal to each and every one of you to continue with the same caring spirit, supportive hands and good heart of supporting the projects, activities and programs of Edukey to realize its vision of having a fully-fledged school to offer good and quality education service and skills development. We request you to make more connections with like-minded people, companies and Institutions to become part of Edukey fraternity. We would like to see an empowered, informed and skilled people to become self-reliant and developmental people in the community and the World.

Together we can we can make a difference in the world

Planner of 2024 , staff and management plans to hold and conduct a number of projects and activities at the school.
The proposed projects and activities include: -
1. Computer Literacy training
2. Tailoring
3. Agriculture
4. dance and drama
5. School Music tour
6. Exchange program
7. Life skills

Edukey’s Appeal Management appreciates all those who have supported in the past years but we still humbly appeal to each and every one of good loving and caring heart, compassionate, with a giving and helping hand to donate anything towards the transformation of the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children for their growth, development, self-reliant and become responsible citizens of the world contributing to economic development and peace making.

You can do the following for Edukey: -
• Sponsoring a child education

* Buy a 'brick'to help us to finish the school 
• Donate what you can
• Fundraise for the organization activities
• Volunteering with the organization

• Partner with the organization in areas of your interest
• For University students you can do your internship with us

• Recommending Edukey for funding opportunities from companies, clubs, lottery clubs or funding organization.
• Help in build capacity of the staff and managemen

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